The D.D. Bean Time Machine

Time Machine

I recently heard an interview with the founder of Chobani, Hamdi Ulukaya, and I loved the way he described the upstate New York factory as a time machine.  It was the dedicated employees and the traditional equipment that drew him in and triggered him to purchase and revive the yogurt business.

When we give tours at D.D. Bean to vendors and match collectors and prospective employees they express the same sentiment.  A Time Machine.  We are not insulted when people say this.  We are proud.  Because it means we are true stewards of our craft.  It means we have stitched together the important match making traditions with modern technologies.

Match Strips at D.D. Bean
Match Strips

Our plant represents generations of hard work and clever engineering.  Today, we put all that to good use as the only American match maker.  It may not be every day that Americans think about matches.  It may be only the rare occasion when you can’t find your lighter, or you are camping and need to start the fire.  It could be when you want a nifty and eco-friendly ignition for your candles or incense.  Maybe you prefer a matchstick when lighting your cigar or pipe or rolled tobacco.  Whatever your reason for grabbing the matchbook or box of matches, you expect them to be there.  And that is our goal.  To remain America’s Match Company for this generation and the next. 

D.D. Bean Plant Jaffrey, NH
D.D. Bean Plant

This time machine will be here dependably making matches the traditional way for years and years and years.  For all Americans.