Fire Starters – Made in USA

America’s Match Company brings you the fire starter. This product is amazing. It will burn for 8+ minutes – enough time to ignite your campfire or wood stove. Packed in a waterproof sleeve, your fire starter will be dry and ready to go wherever you do. The matchbook is included, to conveniently ignite the wood fiberboard.

Put a pack in your camping gear, in your garage, in your car, just in case you need to start a fire. No more messing with kindling. This nifty little energy pack will ignite quickly and burn hot enough to ignite your firewood.

Campgrounds pay attention! This item can be sold to your camping customers or given away as a welcome gift, and even customized with your logo on the matchbook. Lead time is 2-weeks (from art approval if customizing the matchbook). Call us for more details at 603-532-8311.