Customer Info

We sincerely appreciate the loyalty we have shared with those in the industry. There have been many ups and downs in this business, but we have developed deep ties with our distributors and customers. We honor that by providing you with the best service we can provide. And by promising to continue to produce matches in the USA.


Stock items:  The resale match category includes two designs – Plain White and Thank you.  The lead-time for stock items is typically 14-days from order confirmation to delivery.  

Private Label: Please allow 21 days from order confirmation to deliery, for all private label orders. Reorders may ship sooner.

Lead-times have extended during the busy summer season tourism and winter heating season.


Email:  For fast confirmation, please email [email protected]  Allow 24-48 hours for a confirmation.

EDI:  Many customers find EDI efficient.  We are happy to set you up.  Send an email with your interest.

Phone:  We always love to hear from our customers, so please continue to call your orders in (800) 326-8311.

Fax:  Our fax machine is ready to take your orders (603)532-6001