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Bean Safety Match Products

D. D. Bean & Sons Co. specializes in high speed, long run match manufacturing. Accordingly, our minimums are quite high for any one match run and are frequently higher than many potential customers can accommodate. Our minimum order size is 170,000 matchbooks.

We produce safety book matches in both 20-stick and 30-stick sizes. Matches are packaged 50 books to a caddy (tray). Each caddy is wrapped in a paper sleeve that holds the books in place and also identifies its contents.

Our matches can be grouped into three marketing segments, based on how they are distributed and offered to the consumer:

Resale book match This is the typical "give-away" match available at countless retail and institutional establishments throughout the country. This item frequently carries a national or regional advertisement but can also be of a generic variety. This product is generally distributed through grocery wholesalers.

New Premium Resale Matches

Private Label book match This match is commonly sold to the consumer by the caddy (tray of 50 matchbooks) and displays the logo/message of the retailer who offers it. We normally provide this item directly to the retailer, which might be a supermarket, drug store chain or a mass merchandiser.

If our minimum order size (170,000 books) is beyond your needs and/or budget, we suggest contacting Atlas Match Corp, in Euless, TX . This is a manufacturer that specializes in the smaller run, ad specialty/hospitality, segments of the match market.

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