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A Proud History

During the 1920's and 1930's paper matches became increasingly popular in the U.S. as a higher quality, economical and more convenient light than the traditional wooden matches.

Delcie David Bean and his two sons, Vernon and D.D. Jr. (Jack) realized the advantage of printing advertising on matchbook covers and offering an immense network of distribution for advertisers.

As a result, in 1938 D.D. and his sons bought a century-old Jaffrey textile mill and converted it into a factory for the production of paper matchbooks. The success of this venture was the ability to efficiently produce and distribute high quality matchbooks in large quantities. Much of the machinery that was engineered by D.D. and his sons remains in use today and is a true testament to the innovation and dedication of these entrepreneurs.

Through the ensuing decades, with all the market and product changes, the tradition of producing a quality book match, at high speeds and in large quantities, remains the trademark of our New England company.

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